Our Team

We specialize in small scale, in-house metal fabrication and engineering/design, working closely with our clients to ensure  that they receive the best possible service and customer experience.  Whether you are looking to produce an item for retail or promotional purposes, we have the experience and creativity to create truly unique products that fit your criteria.

  We are also proud to offer our own product line of knives, tools, and high-end EDC gear.  Our products are all of the highest quality and made here in the USA.  From concept to finished product, it's our hands on the process, so you get custom crafted retail items at whole-sale prices.

Michael Mackin - President/CEO, Engineer, Machinist

  • ​484-680-8303
  • Mackin@Spectrum-Energetics.com

William Rees - Engineer, Machinist​​

​Peter Fromm - Machinist, Web Master

​​Kepler Mackin - CPO (Chief Puppy Officer)

Atlas Rees - CFO (Chief Fluffy Officer)