About Us


SE offers professional waterjet cutting, laser engraving, mill work, machining, industrial fabrication, and mechanical assembly. We also provide mechanical design and consultation services using state-of-the-art SolidWorks software. 

We carry specialty metals such as titanium, brass, copper, tool steel, carbon, composites, and offer sheets and plates cut to size.  Call or email for availability or to inquire about drops of materials.

Located in southeast Pennsylvania, Spectrum Energetics is a small, but highly skilled machine shop.  Our staff is friendly, efficient, hard working, and eager to be the best in the business.

‚ÄčOur clients include industrial companies, precision manufactures, knife and tool makers, steel target producers, and construction companies.  We offer affordable pricing, fast turnaround, and excellent customer service.

Tel: +1.4846808303

314 Walnut Street, Collegeville, PA, United States

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